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Learn more about the emails and text messages PhotoDay sends automatically

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Communication is key when it comes to online selling! Customers must know how to access their gallery before they can order their photos—and PhotoDay is here to help. Learn about the main ways to communicate with your customers.

In addition to manual push marketing, there are 2 types of campaigns that are automatically sent by PhotoDay. You can learn more about them below.

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Email Campaigns

At this time, the automatic email campaign feature is for private galleries only. Stay tuned as we implement this feature for other gallery types. Learn more about email flyers.

Much like PhotoDay's automatic SMS campaigns, customers receive varying series of automatic emails based on the status of the gallery, any special offers, upcoming expiration, etc. Reminder emails are sent at 12 PM in the respective timezone.

The Post-Picture Day Series and Expiration Series email campaigns are on by default, while the AdvancePay Series is off by default. To enable or disable any of the series, you can do so by going to Job > Settings > Campaigns.

You can review the messaging in the following series:

Below is an example of how the Post-Picture Day email looks when received by the customer:

The subject line, greeting, and first paragraph change depending on each email. The rest of the email remains the same but auto-populates the relevant access codes and names.

Emails with an offer attached will also include the relevant, auto-populated offer details. Here is an example of a Post-Picture Day email with an offer attached:

SMS Campaigns

PhotoDay’s smart text marketing is a free, automatic feature using SMS (short message service). All you have to do is instruct your customers on how to subscribe to the gallery.

Customers can subscribe to a gallery by texting their access code to 90738 and/or by clicking “Subscribe” in the gallery when viewing on a mobile or desktop web browser. Once your customer is subscribed to the gallery, they will receive a confirmation text message and varying series based on the status of the gallery, any special offers, etc.

The SMS campaigns are automatically sent for all jobs (each of the 3 gallery types) in PhotoDay. These SMS series cannot be disabled.

Send Times

  • Transactional messages (like changing a job's gallery status to Published or AdvancePay) are sent immediately between the hours of 9 AM and 7:59 PM.

    • If the status is changed between the hours of 8 PM and 8:59 AM, the messages will be delayed until 9 AM (based on the job's timezone). This is to be compliant with communication guidelines and to prevent any 3 AM “Your photos are ready!” text messages.

  • Reminder messages are sent at 12 PM based on the job's timezone.

You can review the messaging in the following series:

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