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How do I communicate with customers about picture day?
How do I communicate with customers about picture day?

Learn how to reach customers with texts, emails, flyers, & more

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Communication is key when it comes to online selling! Customers must know how to access their gallery before they can order their photos—and PhotoDay is here to help.

Here are the main ways to communicate with your customers.

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Text Marketing

PhotoDay’s smart text marketing is a free, automatic feature using SMS (short message service). All you have to do is instruct your customers on how to subscribe.

Customers can subscribe to a gallery by texting their access code to 90738 and/or by clicking “Subscribe” in the gallery when viewing on a mobile or desktop web browser. We also recommend creating a QR code for your posters/cards so customers can snap and go!

Automatic SMS Campaigns

Once your customer is subscribed to the gallery, they will receive a confirmation text message and varying series based on the status of the gallery, any special offers, etc. Read more about the different text series here. Once you publish the gallery, customers immediately receive a message with a link to view their photos and order products. They are reminded via SMS again on days 3, 5, 7, 14, and 30—or until they make a purchase (then the texts stop!).

Note: Be sure to publish your gallery only when you're 100% ready for your customers to receive their texts and view the photos. We have “Publish Later” option that allows you to schedule the publish time. The moment you hit publish, the first text goes out.

Customers also receive texts for order confirmation and shipping:

Custom SMS Requests

We also offer a custom SMS feature that’s great for letting your customers know about special sales and offers.

Email Marketing

Automatic Email Campaigns

At this time, the automatic email campaign feature is for private galleries only. Stay tuned as we implement this feature for other gallery types.

Much like the automatic SMS campaigns, customers receive varying series of automatic emails based on the status of the gallery, any special offers, upcoming expiration, etc. The email campaigns are automatically sent for private gallery jobs in PhotoDay, but if you'd like to disable one or all of the series, you can do so by going to Job > Settings > Campaigns. Read more about the different email series here.

Email Flyers

PhotoDay provides a built-in solution for promoting your galleries to your customers via flyers. Flyers are a great way to promote and get the word out about both photos and picture day itself through email, print, and an HTML link. Flyers include useful details that will help guide your potential customers to their gallery, where they can find and purchase their photos with ease.

Unlike the automatic email campaigns described above, these email flyers must be manually created and sent. There are 3 types of flyers, each with different marketing messaging on the actual flyer design—AdvancePay, Published, Post-Picture Day. We highly recommend emailing all 3 flyer types to your customers and/or organization. For examples of these flyers and steps to create them, check out this article.

Once you’ve created your flyer(s), you can send them to your recipients right from within the PhotoDay studio panel! Whether you have the email addresses of your customers/subjects or just the contact of your organization/league/school, you can choose the recipient and message.

Print Marketing

Printed Flyers

The email flyers are not only great for emailing, but also printing. You can...

  • Send them to the organization for them to print and distribute to individual subjects (this is a great workaround for private galleries if you don’t receive subject data/email addresses)

  • Print and hand them out yourself at picture day

Marketing & Sales Kit Resources

We have a whole Marketing + Sales Kit section that can be found by clicking "Resources" in the top right corner of your studio panel. We've created everything you need to have a successful, well-communicated picture day.

In the Sales Kit section, you'll find videos and sell sheets to help you wow and land new clients.

In the Marketing Kit section, you’ll find branded templates for banners, posters, reminder cards, and social graphics. Check out this article for help customizing the assets.

You can also use the banner template in your flyers with the Modern Horizontal design:

PhotoDay - Studio App 2021-12-03 at 3.16.03 PM

This is an example of a Published Flyer (with an offer attached) for a Group/Public Gallery with Modern Horizontal Design.

Printed Banners & Posters

We love seeing how studios use the assets to communicate with their customers on picture day! Getting your customers opted-in is essential to your gallery sales, so get creative with it.

To make it even easier on your customers, you can create a QR code for the gallery. When a customer scans the QR code with their smartphone camera, a text message to 90738 with the gallery’s access code is populated, so all they have to do is press “send!”

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