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What are the different gallery types available in PhotoDay?
What are the different gallery types available in PhotoDay?

Choosing the right gallery type for your job

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When it comes to job creation, we understand that different jobs have different needs. Some allow your photos to be out in the open for all to see, such as widely attended events, and others may require more privacy, such as school portraits. This is why we have three different gallery types available, making it possible for you to use PhotoDay with all of your customers on a wide range of jobs, simply by varying the gallery privacy level. 

Create a Private Gallery when you have a school job or an event where you’ll be capturing multiple subjects but want each person to have their own private access code. You’ll use Private Galleries with the new PhotoDay Capture mobile app, which automatically matches subject data with professional photos using PhotoDay’s face recognition technology.

The Group Gallery is great for any job where photos of multiple subjects can be viewed together in a closed group. This gallery type is perfect for any group activity, event, or team where an access code is required but where all participants can see all of the photos. With Group Galleries, customers can quickly narrow down the gallery to find their photos using tags and FaceFind.

The Public Gallery is our most open access option – for any jobs where you don’t want to require an access code to enter the gallery. This gallery type is great for group activities and special events like weddings and corporate gatherings. Guests can text in an opt-in code and they’ll get a link right into the gallery. As with Group Galleries, your customers can quickly find their photos using tags and FaceFind. All galleries that existed before PhotoDay 2.0 have been mapped over to the public gallery settings.

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