AdvancePay (AP) is PhotoDay’s answer to traditional pre-pay. Whereas with paper forms, parents would select their photo packages and pay before photos were taken—with AdvancePay, customers can purchase a credit before picture day that they can apply to their photo order after picture day.

For you, the photographer, this means you get to lock in early sales without limiting future sales. For customers, they get to buy in with an AP purchase, sign up for text notifications, and receive an offer specifically for AP purchasers, if you choose to set this up.

Customers can select from up to four AdvancePay credit amounts of your own creation, which will then be associated with the phone number with which they make the purchase.

These credit amounts are set up within the AdvancePay section of the studio panel, found under Store.

This is where a credit sheet can be created, much in the same manner as a price sheet. Each credit sheet will contain up to four credit amounts from which a customer can choose, and can be attached to any job. To create an AdvancePay credit sheet, click on the Create Credits button on the top right of the screen.

This will open a window that asks you to name your new credit sheet.

Give your sheet a name (this is for your reference, the customer won't see the name), and click the Create button. This will generate a blank credit sheet, which includes four slots in which you can enter credit amounts of your choosing.

To add a credit amount, click on any of the blank credit icons, which will bring up a window in which you can add a predetermined credit amount or a custom amount that can be added in increments of $5.00. Here, you can also add an optional description to your credit amount, just to let your customers know what they can purchase with this credit.

Once you’re happy with this credit amount, hit the Save button, and it will be added to your credit sheet. You can create up to four credits per sheet and have as few as one.

Your changes to your credit sheet will be automatically saved as you go along, so once you are done customizing it, feel free to move onto the next stage of adding it to a job.

Open up a job for which you'd like to offer AdvancePay > Go to Settings > Store > AdvancePay Credits:

Select the credit sheet from the drop-down menu and hit the Save button.

You can require customers to add the name of the person being photographed to each AdvancePay credit purchase by toggling on "Customer Data." This information will then appear in the Job’s Insights after payment has been made.

Additionally, you can toggle on "Preview Storefront" to allow your customers to preview the packages and items you’ll be selling after you publish the gallery, while they are shopping to make their AdvancePay credit purchase.

Ready to change your gallery's status from Draft to AdvancePay? Just click the button in the top right and select AdvancePay from the drop-down menu:

These are the bare minimum steps for setting up AdvancePay for a job. However, why not incentivize your customers to buy-in even more with an offer?

To create an AdvancePay offer, go to Store > Offers:

Select the type of offer you'd like to create. Need help deciding? Check out our article all about offers. For this example, we'll create a Discount offer.

After clicking on the Discount icon, you’ll be brought to your Discounts page, where you will see a list of discount offers you have created. It might be completely empty if you’ve never been here before, so let’s go ahead and change that by creating a discount. Click on the “Create a Discount” button.

This will bring up a small window where you will be able to define and customize your new discount offer. Here, you’ll need to give your offer a name for your reference (for your eyes only) and assign it a unique offer code (what your customers will see). Try and make it something easy and memorable for your customers!

Also in this window, you’ll need to define whether you want your discount to be a fixed dollar amount subtracted from the subtotal or a percentage of the order subtotal. You’ll need to enter either a dollar amount or a percentage amount in the field to the right, depending on which option you choose.

Once you have that information completed, hit the “Next” button to be brought to the second part of the discount setup process.

Store - Discounts - Modal step 2

Here, you can further refine the offer by putting a minimum order amount, an expiration date, or maximum redemptions.

When creating an offer that's going to be used specifically for AdvancePay, we have some important recommendations!

  • While expiration dates create that sense of urgency to order as soon as possible, it's extremely important NOT to set an expiration date for AdvancePay offers. The offer code is a coupon, and it cannot be used past the expiration date, just like a coupon. The ability to receive the coupon stops when the gallery status is updated from AP to publish. However, the offer needs to remain active and redeemable in order for customers to use it whenever they want. If the code expired when you published, they never would have a chance to order.

    We generally suggest not expiring offer codes for at least 6 weeks after the gallery has been published or not expiring them at all. This keeps customers happy and ordering simple.

  • Minimum order amounts can be used to encourage customers to add more items to their order. Since offers are global, this can help protect you in the event that any customers decide to share the code with someone else.

  • We do not recommend setting a maximum redemption since it can create a negative customer experience if they purchased an AP credit, go to use their offer, and it's unavailable to them.

You also have the option to add free shipping to your discount offer, via this toggle:

Store - Discounts - Modal step 2 - free shipping

Once you have your discount offer set up to your liking, click the “Create Offer” button, and it will be added to your list of available discounts.

Once your offer is created, go back to the Job you want to attach it to > Settings > Store > AdvancePay Credits > Select your new offer from the drop-down menu > Hit Save:

Now you're all set up!

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