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All About Offers: AdvancePay, Gallery Offers, and Promos
All About Offers: AdvancePay, Gallery Offers, and Promos

How and when to use PhotoDay's offer options

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Offers and promotions are an important part of your online marketing strategy and a great way to create incentives to purchase—helping to motivate customers to buy sooner and/or spend more!

Before you create and advertise an offer, think about the end goal. Offers are used to incentivize your customers to spend more, sooner.

There are 3 main categories of offers you can create with PhotoDay:


Incentivize your customers to get a jump start on picture day by attaching an offer to your gallery while it’s in AdvancePay Status. Start the sales cycle early and reward customers with an offer they can’t refuse. This gets skin in the game prior to picture day and connects customers to your galleries for PhotoDay’s Auto-SMS communication. Our blog goes into more detail!

You can choose to use any of your created offers with AdvancePay to really incentivize your customers to buy in early and save money overall.

You can set up AdvancePay by going to Store > AdvancePay. This article will walk you through how to get started.

Gallery Offer

This feature gives you the ability to attach an offer to a published gallery. A banner will display at the top of the gallery as customers are shopping. You will need to either enter the code upon checkout, or simply click the "apply" button.

If your offer has a minimum order rule, PhotoDay will prompt your customer to add more to their cart to redeem the offer! It’s pretty slick and a perfect way to offer all of your customers a special deal for a limited time.

You’ll find this feature by going to a particular Job > Settings > Gallery Promotions. But first, you’ll want to create an Offer by going to Store > Offers > and choosing either Discounts or Free Shipping. We walk you through the process here. Need help deciding between Discounts or Free Shipping? Check out this article.

Once you’ve created your Gallery Offer, don’t forget to attach it to the Email Marketing Flyers that can be emailed directly to your customers, your organization, or printed and handed out.

Seasonal Promos

Stay connected to your customers year-round with PhotoDay’s automated Promo feature. You’ll find it under the Store section in your studio dashboard. Add any of your jobs published less than 365 days ago into a promo and watch some additional revenue roll in. We’ll text every customer who has opted in and let them know about the special offer, all timed perfectly for all of the major gift-giving holidays! Read more about promos here.

To start a Promo, go to Store > Promos. Don’t forget to hit Save and Start!

It's important to note that your customers can only use one offer per transaction.

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