There are many reasons why you may need to request a refund, and that’s okay! Each situation is handled a bit differently on our end, depending on the reason. Here’s a quick breakdown of how or why you may need to submit a refund request.

1. The offer code was not applied.

If you are requesting a refund due to an offer code not being applied during checkout, the money will come out of your studio’s Stripe account. PhotoDay related charges such as our fee and lab costs will still be applicable to the total amount of the sale.

2. The customer ordered incorrectly and resent another order.

All funds will be removed from applicable accounts by PhotoDay. This includes our percentage of the sale, lab cost, and any studio markups from the lab cost. The final refund amount may vary depending on the incorrect order's printing and shipping status.

3. Any lab related issues.

Issues with prints and products from the labs can include such situations as:

•The print arriving damaged

•The wrong items being delivered

•The customer being unhappy with the prints

Any of the scenarios should be attempted to be resolved by reaching out to the lab first, before contacting PhotoDay for a refund. Often the lab itself should be able to correct any issues with delivered products without our involvement.

That being said, if you wish you submit a refund request, please visit the Order Resolution form located within your Studio Resources under the Help section.

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