How do I make a refund request?

How to initiate a refund

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There are many reasons why you may need to request a refund, and that’s okay! Each situation is handled a bit differently on our end, depending on the reason. Here’s a quick breakdown of how or why you may need to submit a refund request.

The offer code was not applied.

If you are requesting a refund due to an offer code not being applied during checkout, the money will come out of your studio’s Stripe account. PhotoDay-related charges such as our fee and lab costs will still be applicable to the total amount of the sale.

The customer ordered incorrectly and resent another order.

All funds will be removed from applicable accounts by PhotoDay. This includes our percentage of the sale, lab cost, and any studio markups from the lab cost. The final refund amount may vary depending on the incorrect order's printing and shipping status.

The customer would like their AdvancePay Credits refunded.

Whatever the reason (canceled picture day, absent subject, accidentally purchased 2 credits, etc.), you can request a refund back to the customer through the Refund Request Form (we show you how below).

How to Request a Refund

If you wish to submit a refund request, start by locating the order you would like to refund. Need help finding an order? Check out this article for a walkthrough!

Once you've found the order, click the "Request Refund" button.

Product Order:

AdvancePay Credit Order:

This will open the refund request form with all of the order’s details automatically populated in the form. All you need to do is enter the reason for the refund and click submit.

The “Refund Amount” field will populate the full amount of the order but feel free to adjust the amount if you're only requesting a partial refund.

This form is for studios only and all refund requests must be initiated by you, the studio. PhotoDay will move as swiftly as possible to credit the funds back to your customer’s original payment method. The Customer Success team will reach out as soon as the refund request has been processed.

Please note: The refund request form has been removed from the Resources > Support section as of 7/20/23. All refund requests must be submitted directly from an Order or AdvancePay Credit Order.

To cancel an order, please read How do I cancel an order.

To request a reprint, please read How do I request a reprint.

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