PhotoDay makes sure to cover nearly all of a studio’s promotional needs and direct contact with their customers with our automated text messages. However, there are times where a studio might require extra communications - whether it might be due to a special promotion, or even an attempt to spike sales.

These custom messages can be requested on a per-need basis through PhotoDay Support. We will then manually construct and send the messages ourselves during what we feel will be optimal sales hours. That said, we do wish to stipulate a few guidelines when requesting a custom SMS.

• Due to the nature of direct messages to customers, we try not to overwhelm them with unnecessary communications. With this in mind, please make sure your messages are directly relevant to the sale of photos from your gallery(ies).

• If your request includes a series of messages to be sent out over a period of time, please make sure to limit the number of messages, at your discretion, to a reasonable amount. We typically recommend a maximum of three messages for a timed series.

• Please make sure to include a specific call to action in your custom messages. Encouraging your customers to purchase before a specific date, or letting them to to take advantage of a newly-introduced offer code are examples of good calls to action.

In addition to these guidelines, we reserve the right to refuse a message request if we feel it does not meet basic standards or might reflect poorly on your studio or PhotoDay - the last thing we want to do is annoy your customers! That said, if you would like to request a custom SMS, just click on the support bubble on the bottom right of your screen and ask away!

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