PhotoDay’s smart text marketing is a free, automatic feature using SMS (short message service). All you have to do is instruct your customers to text their access code to 90738 to subscribe and receive the automatic series based on the status of the gallery, special offers, etc. Learn more about this feature on the blog and view the auto-SMS campaign messaging.

While PhotoDay makes sure to cover nearly all of a studio’s promotional needs and direct contact with their customers, there are times when a studio might require extra communications—for example, flash sales, special offers, new photos uploaded, best price series, etc.

These custom messages can be requested on a per-need basis through the request form linked below. Please review the following guidelines for custom SMS requests before requesting:

  • Messages are sent only to customers who have not yet ordered and/or to customers with unused AdvancePay credits.

  • Galleries must be less than 180 days old to qualify.

  • Want multiple jobs to receive the same custom SMS campaign? You can list multiple job names (separated by a comma) on one request form.

  • If the offer has an end date, be sure to fill out that portion of the form.

  • Before submitting, be sure to double check and confirm that the custom campaign is accurate before submission. Once submitted, a custom SMS request cannot be edited.

  • If your custom text qualifies, it will be added to the schedule. Custom texts are deployed at 6pm ET, Monday-Friday. Cut off time for next-day texts is 2pm ET. The Customer Success team will reach out if there are any concerns.

  • PhotoDay reserves the right to refuse a message request.

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