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How do I create flyers to promote my gallery?
How do I create flyers to promote my gallery?

Flyer examples for Private, Group, and Public Galleries

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PhotoDay provides a built-in solution for promoting your galleries to your customers via flyers. Flyers are a great way to promote and get the word out about both photos and picture day itself through email, print, and an HTML link. Flyers include useful details that will help guide your potential customers to their gallery, where they can find and purchase their photos with ease.

To create a flyer, look for the "Marketing" section within your Job:

Click on "create a new flyer" or the "+" button on the top right. You will then be asked to name your flyer for your reference, and select the type of flyer. The Flyer Type determines the marketing messaging on your actual flyer design (you can update the type at any time).

AdvancePay Flyers let your customers know how to purchase credit to go toward their photo purchases. Here is an example AP Flyer for a Private Gallery with an offer attached:

PhotoDay - Studio App 2021-12-03 at 3.19.48 PM

Published Flyers will include all the details your customers need to know to access their gallery. This includes the gallery link and access code. (If you’re creating flyers for a private gallery, PhotoDay will generate a unique flyer for each person with their private access code. Check out Using Emails and Flyers in Private Galleries for more details.) Here is an example of a Published Flyer for a Public/Group Gallery with an offer attached:

PhotoDay - Studio App 2021-12-03 at 3.16.03 PM

Post-Picture Day Flyers serve as a gentle reminder to organizations and parents after picture day has passed that their photos are available to purchase. This can help provide a few extra sales after the initial rush! Here is an example of a Post-Picture Day Flyer for a Public/Group Gallery without an offer attached:

PhotoDay - Studio App 2021-12-03 at 3.17.43 PM

Once you've selected a Type, you can Design your flyer:

Click on "Design" to choose a layout: Classic, Basic, Modern Vertical, or Modern Horizontal:

Next, you can add an image, edit the title and description, and add an offer:

Tip: Check out our Marketing Kit for all kinds of templates that would look great at the top of your flyer!

Once you're done designing and editing your flyer, click the blue Save button:

The buttons to the left of the Save button allow you to Download...

Share via HTML link...

Or Send via Email...

For Group & Public Galleries:

When you select "Send flyer to organization" a modal will open with a templated email. The email subject will be "[Your Studio Name] has shared a PhotoDay flyer with you." Feel free to edit the body of the email as you'd like.

Here's what the email looks like when it's received:

When you select "Send flyer to people" a window will open for you to either type customer email addresses or upload/drag & drop a CSV:

For Private Galleries:

When you select "Send flyers to organization" it will send an email to the organization containing a PDF of all of the individual flyers. "Send flyer to each person" will send each person that has an email address in their Subject Data their own individual flyer. You can also Download your flyers as a PDF file by clicking on the button to the left of the Paper Airplane.

All of these sharing options will open a window where you can filter subjects:

For more details about using emails and flyers in private galleries, check out this article.

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