Flyers are great way to promote and get the word out about picture day - and photos! Flyers include all the useful details that will help guide your potential customers to the gallery, where they can find and purchase their photos with ease.

Initial Flyer Creation

In order to create a flyer, simply look for the "Marketing" section within your gallery.

Once you click on the "Add New" button, you'll be given a few options depending on the type of job you've created. If you've created a Group or Public gallery, you will be guided through a two-step flyer creation process, seen below.

If you have created a Private gallery, there will be an extra step that comes before the Flyer Design - the People section. This allows you to select individuals or groups of people for whom you'd like to create flyers. For example, if you want to send the flyers in batches by teacher, you can select "Groups" and choose all of the people who have that teacher. Once you have your people settings chosen, click the Next button.

Designing Your Flyer

Next up is the Flyer Design section, which is where you fully construct your flyers. First, give your flyer a name so you can reference it later, if need be. Then, select the type of flyer you'd like to create.

• AdvancePay Flyers let your customers know how to purchase credit to go toward their photo purchases.

• Gallery Flyers
includes links to your gallery, and to let your customers know what access code to text to our PhotoDay short code of 907-38.

• Gallery with Offer Flyers
includes an offer you have previously created to help promote your gallery. Just pick the offer you'd like, and it'll automatically be added to your flyer.

• Post Picture Day Flyers
serve as a gentle reminder to organizations and parents after picture day has passed that their photos are available to purchase. This can help provide a few extra sales after the initial rush! Just like the Gallery Offer Template, you can attach an offer to give your customers a little extra incentive to order.

Once you're done composing your flyer, click the "Create and Save" button at the bottom of the page.

Sharing Your Flyer

This will bring you to the Share section of the flyer creation process. If you have created a Group or Public gallery, you will be given multiple options as to how you can share your flyer with parents and organizations.

Download your flyer(s) as PDF file, which you can use to print and distribute yourself.
Email your flyer(s) to your contacts at an organization.
• Or, view your flyer as a custom webpage via the Web URL share option.

If you are creating flyers for a private gallery, only the Email option will be available to you.

If you select the Email share option, this will bring up a new window where you can fill out the recipient and subject lines, as well as any additional information you'd like to provide along with your flyer in the message box!

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