It's actually pretty easy to customize any of the materials we offer in our marketing and sales kits for your studio! There are two options for you, depending on how you want to go about it.

Via Adobe Acrobat DC:

1. Purchase and download either the Standard or Pro version of Adobe Acrobat DC from Adobe's official site, located here:

2. Open the marketing kit PDF in Adobe Acrobat DC.

3. Click the "Edit PDF" button on the top right of the screen.

4. You are now able to edit the document as you see fit, modifying text fields and adding images via the "Add Image" button.

Via Adobe Photoshop:

  1. If you'd rather edit these materials via Photoshop, we have also provided them in .PSB format*. Download the PSB files from the marketing or sales kit.

  2. Open the PSB files in Photoshop, and edit until your heart's content!

*PSB files are large format Photoshop files.

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