FaceFind is PhotoDay’s facial clustering technology that makes it beyond easy to find, match, and group photos together. It’s a game-changing tool that will save you countless hours of paperwork and keeping track of who’s who. There are a few places FaceFind functions within PhotoDay’s different gallery types and during checkout. This article explains how the feature works in each scenario.

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Group & Public Galleries

FaceFind for Group & Public Galleries is an optional customer-facing search feature alongside “Tags” and “All Photos.” When your customers use FaceFind as a search option, it filters the gallery photos based on a matched reference image and displays any photos containing the subject’s face.

When a customer selects “FaceFind” they’re instructed to upload an image of the subject.

Here’s the photo uploaded for this example:

Once they’ve uploaded the photo, FaceFind quickly works its magic to search the gallery, match the subject’s face, and cluster the relevant photos together. Making it easier than ever for a customer to view and purchase their photos!

We highly recommend allowing customers to use the FaceFind gallery search feature! Learn how to update a Job’s search settings here.

In Group & Public Galleries, when a customer selects an image and starts adding packages or products to the cart, they are presented with a “change image” option.

When they select this option, they will be taken back to the gallery and presented with similar images from which to choose based on the FaceFind matches, as well as other search options like re-searching the gallery, choosing from favorites, etc.

Private Galleries

For Private Galleries, FaceFind functions behind the scenes on the studio side. Since each subject has a unique access code, customers will only have access to their own private gallery. FaceFind works in conjunction with the Capture app to record reference photos and match the finished professional photos to the correct subjects. FaceFind is shockingly accurate on all kinds of images—individuals, groups, teams, buddies, black and white, identical twins, and even with masks on. Learn more about PhotoDay’s Capture app.

Here’s an example of how the Private Job looks to the studio:

Here’s how it looks for the customer:

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