There are three ways for customers to find their photos on PhotoDay:

  1. FaceFind – Our facial recognition technology filters gallery photos based on a matched reference image. See FaceFind in action

  2. Tags – Tags are a way to group and organize images in ways that narrows the search in a way that is intuitive to the customer – by team name, coach name, age group, etc.

  3. All Photos – This view is for customers who want to browse an entire gallery.

PhotoDay users have the freedom to choose any combination of these search options to use for a particular job. 

  • By selecting only FaceFind, customers will be limited to seeing photos that contain the matches with a reference photo. This is great for large jobs or any job where more privacy is a priority.

  • By choosing the Tags option, customers will be able to narrow their search based on grouping criteria set by the photographer. Tags are great for leagues with multiple teams, dance schools with multiple classes, preschools with multiple teachers, etc.

  • With All Photos, customers will be able to view, you guessed it, all of the photos in a gallery. This is great for smaller jobs and private events where individuals know one another and want to check out all of the photos.

To change search settings for a job, simply go to the Job Details page and check off the options. Be sure to hit SAVE when you’re done. See below:

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