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FaceFind isn't returning any results
FaceFind isn't returning any results

Situations where FaceFind may have difficulty finding photos

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While our FaceFind tool is extremely accurate and can identify faces under some extreme circumstances, there are fringe cases where it will not return optimal or sometimes any results. This can be due to a number of factors.

If one of your customers reaches out having difficulty locating their photos via FaceFind, we recommend identifying the following potential scenarios that could return unsatisfactory results.

The uploaded reference photo isn’t optimal. Customers should choose a reference photo in which the face of the person for which they are searching takes up the majority of the frame. The face should also be well-lit, and at least decently sharp.

Double check the person for which your customer is looking is actually in the gallery. There could be some cases where either photos of an individual were mistakenly not uploaded, or the customer is viewing an incorrect gallery.

Are your images showing clear faces? When you upload photos of action shots, out-of-focus shots, or shots with excessive shadows, FaceFind might have trouble identifying the individual in the photo. If your gallery does contain a lot of these photos, recommend to your customers search for photos by tag instead!

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