PhotoDay Capture is a mobile app that enables photographers to create private galleries of individuals by automatically matching people data with professional photos using FaceFind, PhotoDay's face recognition technology.

When should I use PhotoDay Capture?

If you have a school job or event where you’ll be capturing multiple people, but you want each person to have their own unique private gallery, PhotoDay Capture is your turnkey solution.

How does PhotoDay Capture work?

The PhotoDay Capture app can be downloaded on any mobile device from the Apple or Google Play store.

To use PhotoDay Capture for an upcoming job, you’ll start out by creating a Private Gallery job in your Studio Panel. Once you have created the job, you will see an empty gallery, along with a panel to the left where you can upload a CSV file that contains your people data. This file will contain basic information such as the individual’s first and last name, as well as other possible identifiers including basic contact information, school name, organization name, grade level, school ID,  teacher name, etc. 

The people data file is usually obtained from your main contact at an organization – and can be structured differently for every job. The same data you upload will appear in the PhotoDay Capture app so that on picture day you can capture a reference photo for each person. This reference photo is used to match the data with your professional images. 

If you don't have people data in advance, you can always set up the job with just one "dummy name" and then add individual names on site as you check them in on the PhotoDay Capture app.

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