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What types of offers can I create with PhotoDay?
What types of offers can I create with PhotoDay?
Studios can create many kinds of special offer incentives that use coupon codes.
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Offers are a great way to create incentives to purchase—helping motivate customers to buy sooner and/or spend more! Offers in PhotoDay are totally flexible so you can design them to fit your business. Learn more about the different ways to implement offers in All About Offers.

There are two main types of offers you can create in PhotoDay:

All offers have the option to add a minimum purchase amount (encourage higher order values), an expiration date (create urgency), and maximum redemptions (build excitement!) Also, every offer type has the option to include free shipping. It's important to note that your customers can only use one offer per transaction.

1. Discounts

You can create percentage off and fixed dollar amount discounts. Examples: 

  • Purchase $30 or more and save 10%. Offer expires September 30th. Use coupon code 30OFF at checkout.

  • Purchase $50 or more and save $10. Available to the first 50 customers. Use coupon code SAVE10 at checkout.

  • Purchase $75 or more save $10 + get free shipping. Use coupon code CHEER2018

2. Free Shipping

Many online retailers use free shipping to motivate that higher spend. You can do the same! Examples:

  • Free shipping on orders over $50. Use coupon code: FREESHIP50

  • Free shipping for the first 25 orders. Hurry up! Use coupon code: EARLYBIRD

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