PhotoDay’s smart text marketing is a free, automatic feature using SMS (short message service). All you have to do is instruct your customers on how to opt-in!

Once your customer is opted-in to the gallery, they will receive a confirmation text message and varying series based on the status of the gallery, any special offers, etc. Read more on the blog.

Once you publish the gallery, customers immediately receive a message with a link to view their photos and order products. They are reminded via SMS again on days 3, 5, 7, 14, and 30—or until they make a purchase (then the texts stop!).

Note: Be sure to publish your gallery only when you're 100% ready for your customers to receive their texts and view the photos. We have “Publish Later” option that allows you to schedule the publish time. The moment you hit publish, the first text goes out.

Below is a sampling of messages we send your customers as they navigate their PhotoDay experience. Click the links below to see examples of SMS messages your customers might see in different scenarios.

Regular Series Examples
AdvancePay Series Examples
Post Picture Day Examples
Post Picture Day (With AdvancePay Credit) Examples

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