What are Promos?
Use seasonal offers to promote your galleries again to gain more sales.
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Ever wished you could get in front of past customers with seasonal offers for special gift-giving times throughout the year? Now you can with Promos. 

PhotoDay creates time-based Promos throughout the year to help studios generate more sales for holidays like Christmas, Hanukkah, Mother's Day, and Father's Day.

Promos is a feature that lets studios re-promote galleries to previous customers (even those who never bought anything) with time-based offers, giving them an incentive and a second chance to purchase photos!

You can find the Promos section in the Store section of your Studio Panel:

Select which Promo you would like to promote from the drop-down menu:

Then choose which offer you'd like to use to promote the galleries. You can use an existing offer, or you can create one you'd like to specifically use for the promotion - completely up to you!

You can then choose any of your existing jobs (published less than 365 days ago) to re-promote to the customers who have already subscribed to that gallery.

After that, you can preview what we'll be sending to your customers. We let them know of the Promo via a series of SMS messages, which we specifically craft for the holiday period during which your Promo will run. We'll give your customers plenty of opportunities to take advantage of the deal you've set up!

Finally, just click the green "Save and Start Promo" button, and you're all set! 

Both during and after the promo event, you can also take a look and see how many times your Promo was viewed, how many times it was used, and how much in total sales you made just for turning your galleries back on and giving your customers a reason to buy more! Just go to your Promos section and select the "Past" tab on the left.

Read more about Promos on our blog: Holy Promos!

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