You can offer digital downloads as part of a package, and/or as an a la carte item. 

There are no costs for Social Sharing or High-Resolution downloads, effective 9/15/2020. There is a minimum retail price when adding downloads to a price sheet of $5.00.

High-Resolution Downloads will be downloaded by the customer at the same resolution as the original uploaded photo, though slightly compressed for download speed optimization. For Social Sharing Downloads, we resize to 600 pixels wide by the proportional height. The image will be downloaded without any watermarks when purchased.

To create a digital download package where various poses/images can be added, simply add the download product more than once.

When a customer purchases a digital download, they will receive a direct link to their photos in their emailed receipt for their purchases, shown here.

There will be one link for each image purchased, and customers can directly save the images to their computer from the links provided

As of today, consumers can purchase any image in your gallery as a digital download. We understand some studios may not prefer this method and are exploring other ways to offer downloads.

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