How do digital downloads work?

Digital Download FAQs

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You can offer digital downloads as part of a package, and/or as an a la carte item. 

There are no costs for Social Sharing or High-Resolution downloads, effective 9/15/2020. There is a minimum retail price when adding downloads to a price sheet of $2.00.

High-Resolution Downloads will be downloaded by the customer at the same resolution as the original uploaded photo, though slightly compressed for download speed optimization. For Social Sharing Downloads, we resize to 900 pixels wide by the proportional height. The image will be downloaded without any watermarks when purchased.

To create a digital download package where various poses/images can be added, simply add the download product more than once.

When a customer purchases a digital download, the customer will receive a direct download link to their images via both an email order receipt and an SMS text to the phone number given at checkout.

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For a full step-by-step walkthrough of how to download the images, check out our article How do my customers receive their digital downloads and print releases? If your customer has trouble accessing their images, feel free to send them to our customer-facing How can I download my photos? article or reach out to PhotoDay for assistance.

We understand that there are some instances where studios may want to prevent a customer from downloading certain images in their galleries, such as team photos. That’s why PhotoDay provides two simple ways of disabling digital downloads on single or multiple photos! Check out our article for details: Can I disable certain photos from being downloaded?

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