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Can I disable certain photos from being downloaded?
Can I disable certain photos from being downloaded?

Disabling digital downloads

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Digital downloads are a convenient way for your customers to instantly receive their photos right after purchase - and they provide studios with an easy way to boost order value! However, there are certain instances where studios may want to prevent a customer from downloading certain images in their galleries, such as team photos. That’s why PhotoDay provides two simple ways of disabling digital downloads on single, or multiple photos!

First, you can disable single photos from being downloaded by selecting the cloud icon on an individual thumbnail in your gallery. This will automatically prevent your customers from selecting that photo as a digital download.

Another way to disable photo downloads for both individual and batches of photos is via the Download drop-down icon in the top right of your gallery.

Clicking on this will present a set of options - "Enable Digital Downloads" and "Disable Digital Downloads". Selecting "Disable Digital Downloads" will mark all of the selected downloads as unavailable to download.

When a customer selects a digital download for purchase, they will see disabled photos as faded thumbnails that cannot be selected.

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