Purchasing digital copies of your photos is a great way to preserve your memories in a format that will never degrade with time, or be susceptible to the elements. PhotoDay offers two options when downloading photos: a low resolution download, and a high resolution download. 

When those photos are purchased, you will receive two emails:

The first one is your order receipt, which includes the direct link to your downloads. You simply have to click on the link, which will open the photo within your internet browser. You can then save that photo to your computer.

The second email is a print release:

This email details the rights of the customer and fair use of the digital photo, which is limited to personal use only - which includes the option to print the photos in whatever manner you wish. However, the photography studio will retain the sole rights for commercial reproduction. The studio is responsible for obtaining photo release waivers from the subject or subject's parents if their intent is to use a photo for commercial purposes.

If for whatever reason you do not receive your download links in your receipt email, please reach out to your studio, and they will be able to arrange getting your receipt resent to you!

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