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What is basic retouching?
What is basic retouching?

Everything you need to know about purchasing retouching

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Retouching is an add-on offered by your photographer that magically softens and smooths skin, removes acne blemishes, and evens skin tone without affecting permanent scars, freckles, etc. It’s available for individual poses, group photos, and images with graphics.

If your photographer has Retouching available, it will show up during the product customization process and in your shopping cart:

What does Retouching do exactly?

  • Softens and smooths skin

  • Removes acne and blemishes

  • Slight flyway hair removal (on simple backgrounds)

  • Will not remove permanent features like scars, freckles, birthmarks, etc.

  • Will not retouch body skin, only faces and necks

  • Will not affect glass glare, teeth, hair, stains, or smudges on faces

Before & After Examples:

How long does Retouching take?

If you ordered digital download products, the retouching will be applied before your download link is sent to you. Read more here about downloading your digital photos. If you ordered print products, the retouching will be applied before your order is printed and shipped.

What if I don’t like my Retouching?

If you have any concerns or questions about your retouched image(s), please contact your photographer. You can find their contact information within your gallery:

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