AdvancePay gives you an opportunity and incentive to purchase a credit before picture day that you can apply to your order after picture day. Not all photographers will offer AdvancePay, but those who do often provide special incentives or discount offers for customers who purchase these credits.

With AdvancePay, you get to enjoy discounts, giveaways, or shipping offers that may not be available after picture day, while still being able to choose which photos and packages you would like to purchase after you’ve had a chance to see your child’s photos!

If a photographer offers AdvancePay credit, you will receive information from the photographer or the child’s school / organization about how to access their storefront. This is either in the form of a direct link, or a code you can text to gain access. From there, you will be given the option to purchase a credit that can be applied to your photo order once your child’s photos have been taken. Once you purchase the credit, the photographer will provide you with a coupon code to take advantage of the special offer they’ve set up for all you early birds!

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