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FAQ - For Studios
FAQ - For Studios
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Color Correction in PhotoDay
Post-Processing Services in PhotoDay
Best practices for custom job logos
ICC Profiles

How can I view and track my customer's orders?
Using Emails and Flyers in Private Galleries
All About Offers: AdvancePay, Gallery Offers, and Promos
Which products are available for Custom Themes?
Bulk Shipping Information
Cropping & Aspect Ratios
What are the different gallery types available in PhotoDay?
Can I offer my photos for free?
How can I customize my watermark?
How do I set up picture day using PhotoDay?
Can I upload a custom logo for my job?
What are the optimal photo resolution sizes for printing?
What is PhotoDay Capture?
Do I need a wifi connection or cell signal to use the PhotoDay Capture App?
How do I add multiple photographers to PhotoDay Capture?
What is Subject Data and how do I get it?
What types of data exports are available to me?
CSV best practices for subject data
How do I upload photos?
Matching and Ignoring
What are featured photos?
Tagging Best Practices
What happens if I try uploading photos with identical file names to photos already in my gallery?
Why are my photos taking so long to upload?
Can I disable certain photos from being downloaded?
What are Gallery Statuses?
What if my customer wants to pay with cash?
How do I create and promote a picture day with AdvancePay?
Can I ship orders to a school or organization instead of to each home?
Can I change the way customers find their photos?
How do I cancel an order?
How do I change a job's gallery status?
How do I make a refund request?
Am I able to sell photos at no-cost?
How much does shipping cost?
How do digital downloads work?
How do access codes work?
FaceFind isn't returning any results
How do I make a landing page for my website so customers can access galleries?
How can I use job insights to help grow my business?
What text messages do you send to customers?
Can I send custom messages to my customers?
When is the best time to publish a gallery?
Can my customers preview their purchases?
How do my customers receive their digital downloads and print releases?
How do my customers contact me?