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Can multiple photo poses be chosen for a single package?
Can multiple photo poses be chosen for a single package?

Choosing different images within one package

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One of the benefits of using PhotoDay is its flexibility in allowing you to choose which photos you would like on specific products. You can select multiple poses within the same package, right from your shopping cart. Here’s how:

Select a photo you wish to purchase and then add a package to your cart.

This will bring up a new window where you can fully customize your selected package.

You will then be able to go down the itemized list of all products in your package, being given options to alter the crop of your image, and also the option to swap the image for another in the gallery.

After you have selected the photo you wish to switch out, it will automatically replace the original photo within the product! You can then continue to swap out images throughout the package, customizing products to your liking with as many poses as there are products.

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