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What is the difference between an access code and a verification code?
What is the difference between an access code and a verification code?

Key differences between access codes and verification codes

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There are two kinds of codes you will come across when it comes to accessing your photos: access codes and verification codes. You might encounter both during your PhotoDay experience, but what exactly is the difference between them?

Access Codes

An access code is essentially the password to your photo gallery. It is set by the studio photographing your event and given out exclusively to the school, organization, and parents of the subjects of the photos.

To gain access to a gallery, a customer can type in the given access code at on either a computer or mobile phone web browser.

Customers can also choose to text the access code to 90738, where we will immediately text back with a direct link to the gallery itself. The link will automatically open their phone's web browser and direct the customer to their photos.

Verification Codes

Verification codes are used to confirm that it’s really you that’s about to log into your PhotoDay account and make purchases. It’s an extra security measure just to make sure you and your financial information are protected.

PhotoDay associates your account with your phone number, so when you attempt to log in and view your gallery, PhotoDay will text you a verification code:

Which you can enter on the verification code screen:

Once you’ve done that, you will be able to view your gallery, customize your items, and purchase your photos!

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