AdvancePay gives you the opportunity to purchase a credit before picture day that you can apply to your order after picture day. If you're reading this, it's probably because your photographer is offering AdvancePay for your child's picture day. Lucky you!

Why should I purchase an AdvancePay credit?

Get a jump on your child's picture day when you purchase an AdvancePay credit. With AdvancePay, you may get to enjoy discounts, giveaways, or shipping offers that may not be available after picture day. The best part? You're not locked into any package! You can apply your credit after you see your child's photos to any products or packages that you like. 

How do I purchase an AdvancePay credit?

You will receive a unique code for your child's picture day that you can text to 90738 and in return you'll receive a link - or - your photographer may provide you with a direct web link. Either way, once you've clicked the link, you will see the option to purchase AdvancePay credits.  Once you purchase the credit, the photographer may provide you with a coupon code to take advantage of the special offer they’ve set up for all the early birds! You can apply this coupon at the time that you place your photo order. Check out this visual step-by-step for more info.

Can I use my AdvancePay credit for more than one child?

Yes! You can apply your AdvancePay credit to more than one child as long as the galleries were photographed by the same studio.

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