How does AdvancePay work?

Learn why and how to purchase an AdvancePay credit for your photos.

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AdvancePay gives you the opportunity to purchase credits before picture day that you can apply to your photo order after pictures are published. If you're reading this, it's probably because your photographer is offering AdvancePay for your picture day!

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What is AdvancePay?

AdvancePay (AP) is PhotoDay’s version of pre-pay. While your photos are being created, you can buy an AdvancePay credit that’s good for anything in your photographer’s store. Once you’ve purchased a credit, you can sit back, relax, and we’ll text you when the photos are ready. Your credit will be waiting for you at checkout!

Why should I purchase an AdvancePay credit?

When you purchase an AdvancePay credit, you may get to enjoy special discounts or shipping offers that may not be available after picture day. The best part? Unlike traditional pre-pay with paper order forms, you're not locked into any package or pose! You can view your photos, pick your favorites, and apply your credit to any of the offered products or packages.

How do I purchase an AdvancePay credit?

Your photographer or organization will provide you with an access code for your picture day. You can access your gallery two different ways:

  • Visit on your mobile or desktop web browser and enter your access code

  • Text your access code to 90738

Once you’re in the gallery, you will see the option to purchase AdvancePay credits. After purchasing a credit, you will receive an email receipt and text message that may include a coupon code. You can apply this coupon when the gallery is published and you place your photo order. Please note: All discounts in PhotoDay are set up by your photographer.

We have plenty of helpful resources to guide you through the process:

Can I use my AdvancePay credit for more than one subject?

Yes! You can apply your AdvancePay credit to more than one subject as long as the same studio photographed them.

Do AdvancePay credits expire?

AdvancePay credits expire 14 months after the purchase date, so be sure to order when the time comes!

How do I view my AdvancePay credit balance?

You can view your AdvancePay order history and the remaining balance at any time from your gallery. From the Galleries home page, click the menu in the top right > My Credits.

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