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Using Emails and Flyers in Private Galleries
Using Emails and Flyers in Private Galleries

How to use email addresses and send email marketing flyers

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Adding photos to a private gallery is a two-step process. Since private galleries give each subject their own private sub-gallery, your job needs to keep track of information of each subject within it. PhotoDay calls this information “subject data”, and it can be batch uploaded via a CSV file right into your job.

This CSV file must contain at least the person’s first and last name, but will also ideally include additional information ranging from email address to student ID, if they are students. This information is typically received from the organization with which the job is associated.

To add subject data, go to the Job and select the Add button under "Add subjects and photos".

Here, you will see your currently blank gallery.

To add subject data, click on the circular plus sign icon adjacent to “Subjects."

This will bring you to the currently empty Subjects section, where you will be able to either add a CSV containing your subject data or add an entry manually. In order to upload a CSV, click on the “Upload .csv file” button.

You can then select the CSV from your computer—or you can simply drag and drop it into the Data page.

You will then see your new subject data auto-mapped to matching columns.

If a column was mapped incorrectly, it can be easily changed using the drop-down header at the top of each column.

Once you are satisfied with how your data has been mapped, simply click on the blue “Map” button to complete your upload.

Once you have confirmed the way this data has been mapped, you will then see it in a master data list.

You can always return to and further edit this list at any point by again clicking on the "Add" button in your gallery. Also, this list will be reflected as named sub-galleries on the left side of your currently empty gallery.

The names of each person will also appear in the PhotoDay Capture app for the job. On or before picture day, you and your staff will use the PhotoDay Capture app to capture a reference photo for each subject. That reference photo will then appear with the folder in your Studio Panel.

If a CSV cannot be provided, you can also manually enter data via both your studio panel and the PhotoDay Capture App itself. If you need to edit any data, you can do so by simply clicking on the person’s name either in the Studio Panel gallery or within the PhotoDay Capture app which will sync to the Studio Panel.

Once you are satisfied with how your subject data looks, click the done button in the top right corner to return to your gallery. You can always access this master list of subjects again by clicking on the circular plus sign icon in the Subjects column on the left side of your gallery.

Already uploaded your CSV, but now have more information you’d like to add after the fact? No problem! You can always append your Subject Data by clicking the Add button on your Subject Data page and importing an edited CSV (i.e. the original CSV but with an extra column for email addresses or teacher name). The process of mapping will be the same, but it won’t affect your previously imported data. Please note that if your previous data contains a student ID, then PhotoDay will use it as a unique identifier, preventing duplicate records. If there is no student ID, then the first name and last name together will be used as the unique identifier.

Now it’s time to use those email addresses!

PhotoDay provides a built-in solution for promoting your galleries to your customers via email marketing flyers. Flyers are a great way to promote and get the word out about both published photos and picture day itself through print and email. Private gallery flyers include useful details that will help guide your potential customers to the gallery, where they can find and purchase their photos with ease.

In order to begin creating a flyer, navigate to the Marketing section within your gallery.

You will then be brought to the Flyers section of your job, which may be empty if you have not yet created any flyers. Click on the + to create a new flyer.

You will then be presented with naming your flyer for your reference, and the type of flyer. The Flyer Type determines the marketing messaging on your actual flyer design, and you can update this at any time.

AdvancePay Flyers let your customers know how to purchase credit to go toward their photo purchases.

Published Flyers will include all details your customers need to know to access their gallery. For private galleries specifically, PhotoDay will generate a unique flyer for each person with their specific private access code and subject name using the Subject Data you previously imported. If you have previously created an offer to help promote your gallery, just pick the offer you'd like, and it'll automatically be added to your flyer at the top and bottom:

Post-Picture Day Flyers serve as a gentle reminder after picture day has passed that their photos are available to purchase. This can help provide a few extra sales after the initial rush! You can attach an offer to give your customers a little extra incentive to order:

Once you've selected a Type, you can Design your flyer:

Click on "Design" to choose a layout: Classic, Basic, Modern Vertical, or Modern Horizontal:

Next, you can add an image, edit the title and description, and add an offer:

Tip: Check out our Marketing Kit for all kinds of templates that would look great at the top of your flyer!

Once you're done designing and editing your flyer, click the blue Save button:

Click the Paper Airplane button, and you’ll see 2 options. "Send flyers to organization" will send an email to the organization containing a PDF of all of the individual flyers. "Send flyer to each person" will send each person that has an email address in their Subject Data their own individual flyer.

You can Download your flyers as a PDF file by clicking on the button to the left of the Paper Airplane. This will open a window where you can select who you’d like to send the flyers to:

  • All Subjects

  • Subjects with a reference photo

  • Subjects without a reference photo

  • Subjects with matched photos

  • Subjects with no matched photos

  • Subjects with a reference photo and no matched photos

  • Only subjects marked absent

Next, you'll see a few more optional filters including Only Subjects with or without Purchases, and Only Subjects That Have or Have Not Accessed Gallery.

Then hit Next, hang tight while it loads, and a window will pop up for you to choose where to save the PDF on your computer.

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