FaceFind is a cutting edge tool that PhotoDay has integrated that allows customers to find people in a photo gallery via facial recognition. When a photo is uploaded to PhotoDay by a photographer, FaceFind analyzes each person in that photo, mapping their facial characteristics, and storing it as a set of data. When a parent wants to find their child’s photos via FaceFind, they can either snap or upload a photo, and FaceFind will search that face’s data to existing sets within PhotoDay, displaying all similar photos in the gallery.

The results of FaceFind search will not be 100% accurate every single time due to many factors; image resolution, lighting, image angle, pixel dimension of face being analyzed. 

These facial datasets are in no way associated with any personal data, meaning FaceFind is totally secure. The only time your photos are attached to any names is during the lab fulfillment process before your photos are shipped.

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