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What is FaceFind?

Using FaceFind and facial recognition technology

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Snapshots, Inc. (“PhotoDay”) collects certain biometric information (the “Biometric Information”) regarding photo content for photos voluntarily uploaded to PhotoDay for the sole purpose of enhancing your user experience by allowing you and service providers who you have given permissions to then search our photo repository for all photos resembling a specific individual and to selectively group photos for viewing. By agreeing to PhotoDay’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, you agree that Biometric Information you provide (or that may be derived from information you provide) may be collected, stored, and used for the foregoing purpose pursuant to the terms of this Section, or that you have been legally authorized to agree to PhotoDay’s various terms of service, privacy policies, and this policy regarding the collection and use of biometric information by the person whose Biometric Information may be collected, stored, and used. If you do not agree to this Section, then using the Digital Services (as defined in the Terms of Service) is strictly prohibited and you must immediately exit the site.

PhotoDay takes commercially reasonable measures to protect the Biometric Information from disclosure. Under no circumstances will PhotoDay sell, lease, trade, or otherwise exchange the Biometric Information to those who you have not given permission to access your Biometric Information. However, PhotoDay may disclose the Biometric Information to trusted third-party service providers that are necessary to effectuate the purpose for which the Biometric Information was collected, are prohibited from using your Biometric Information beyond providing services to PhotoDay, and are required to maintain the Biometric Information’s confidentiality and privacy. PhotoDay will not otherwise disclose, redisclose, or disseminate the Biometric Information unless:

  • The subject of the Biometric Information or the subject’s legally authorized representative consents to the disclosure or redisclosure;

  • The disclosure or redisclosure is required by State or federal law or municipal ordinance; or

  • The disclosure or redisclosure is required pursuant to a valid warrant or subpoena issued by a court of competent jurisdiction.

PhotoDay will store the Biometric Information until (1) you specifically request, in writing, that PhotoDay delete your Biometric Information (and you can do so via the mechanisms provided in our Privacy Policy); (2) the user that created the account that uploaded the photos from which the relevant Biometric Information was collected (the “Account”) deletes the Account; or (3) the user that created the Account does not interact with PhotoDay for a period of three years. In any of the foregoing instances, PhotoDay will promptly delete the relevant Biometric Information as soon as reasonably practicable.

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