What Shipping Options Are Available?

All about Drop, Bulk, and Bulk or Drop Shipping

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PhotoDay offers 3 types of shipping options.

Drop Shipping

This is the default manner in which PhotoDay orders are delivered. Each order is shipped directly to the customer once fulfilled by the lab. The cost of shipping your products from the lab to the customer (and the time it takes to get there) varies depending on what items were ordered, what shipping method was selected by the customer, and where the customer is located in relation to the lab. You can easily reference your lab's shipping rates from your Studio Panel by going to Store > Price Sheets > Selecting a Price Sheet > Selecting "Shipping Rates" from the left column of links.

Bulk Shipping

Currently only available for private galleries through Miller’s Lab. Bulk Shipping allows you to specify 1 location that all of the orders placed will be shipped to. For example, if one of your Organizations is a school requesting a gallery of class photos to be shipped to their location so they can be manually handed to children and parents, this would be the option to select.

When setting up a private gallery using a Miller’s price sheet with Bulk Shipping selected, you will be able to specify a Deadline Date by which you would like all orders to be shipped to the Organization. Please note that the job will automatically expire after the Deadline Date. If you wish to republish your gallery after it expires, you will need to enter a new Deadline Date or attach a price sheet with Drop Shipping.

For more information about Bulk Shipping, check out this article.

Bulk or Drop Shipping

This option combines the previous two options. Also only available for private galleries through Miller’s Lab. When setting up a private gallery using a Miller’s price sheet with Bulk or Drop Shipping selected, you will still specify the Bulk details explained above. If a customer would rather have their order shipped directly to them, they can choose to pay for Drop Shipping. If a customer places an order after the Deadline Date for Bulk Shipping, the gallery does not expire and the shipping method defaults back to Drop, so customers can still access the gallery and continue ordering.

— It’s important to note that the shipping method is selected when you’re creating a price sheet. Once you have confirmed a shipping method for a price sheet, it cannot be changed. So should you wish to change it, you will need to create another price sheet and assign another shipping method.

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