Currently, Bulk Shipping is only available with Miller’s, and the option will only appear with private galleries. This is because PhotoDay needs the data provided in private galleries to help sort and package the orders.

The Bulk Shipping deadline must be within 30 days of the gallery's publish date. Once the gallery has been published with a Bulk Shipping deadline, the status of the gallery cannot be changed until the first deadline date has passed.

There is a $15 total order minimum when using the Bulk Shipping Feature. If less than $15 in products (for the whole bulk order) are ordered by the processing date, you will receive an invoice with the remaining balance. All invoices are due upon receipt.

Once the Bulk Shipping deadline has passed, the orders will be shipped overnight (excluding weekends). Please note that the job will automatically expire after the Deadline Date. If you wish to republish your gallery after it expires, you will need to enter a new Deadline Date or attach a non-bulk price sheet.

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