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Getting Started with PhotoDay's Backgrounds Feature
Getting Started with PhotoDay's Backgrounds Feature

How to use Backgrounds with PhotoDay

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In order to use this feature, you must be connected to Richmond Pro Lab, Reedy Photo, White House Custom Color (WHCC), or Miller's Professional Imaging and have one of their price sheets attached to the job. Stay tuned as we add more additional labs here.

PhotoDay’s Backgrounds feature allows you to create a collection of backgrounds–up to 12 per collection–to give customers the choice of swapping backgrounds for different poses and products. Customers can mix and match poses and backgrounds for packages and products with a simple swipe and preview. They can rotate and zoom to crop the image on the background, and you can mix and match both horizontal and vertical images and backgrounds.

First, you’ll want to set up your Background collection. Head over to > Store > Backgrounds.

Tap the plus sign (+) on the upper right to add a new Collection.

Name the collection.

We've created 4 collections of backgrounds for you to use in PhotoDay. These backgrounds are already optimized and ready to plug into your studio. View and download PhotoDay Backgrounds.

Want to make your own digital backgrounds? You can create and upload your own or even mix and match with a combination of PhotoDay's backgrounds and your own.

Before you start designing, though, please read this article all about creating optimal backgrounds.

We also recommend reading the following articles to ensure that what you see is what your customers will get:

You can drag and drop up to 12 backgrounds into the window. Backgrounds must be sized to 2400 x 3000 pixels or 3000 x 2400 pixels, in RGB, JPG format.

PhotoDay does not recommend adding text to backgrounds. This could contribute to potential errors and a negative experience for both you and your customers. Read more about creating optimal backgrounds for your images here.

Click Save and give PhotoDay a moment to prepare and upload your new background collection! If you run into upload errors, please double check your file sizes and color space–or reach out to us in the orange chat bubble.

Now you’re ready to add the Background Collection to your job. First, you’ll have to attach a Richmond, Reedy, WHCC, or Miller's Price Sheet to the job in order to see the option to add backgrounds and upload PNG files. More labs will be supporting this feature soon, so please refer to this article for the latest updates.

You’ll then be able to click Settings and see the option for Backgrounds.

From here, you can select the collection(s) from which you’d like customers to be able to choose. You can also set a default background. This is the background customers will see when they first enter the gallery.

Once finished, be sure to click Save to commit all changes.

Next, you can now upload PNGs or a combination of both PNGs and JPG images to your gallery. Only PNGs will be eligible for background swapping, but you don’t have to limit your gallery. The possibilities are endless with PhotoDay! For more help uploading photos, view this article.

PRO TIP: Avoid uploading full-length poses as PNG files. Subjects will appear to “float” and create an undesirable image for customers.

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