Uploading your photos to PhotoDay is a breeze. Here's all you need to know.


Select the job for which you want to upload photos. Once you're in the job, make sure you're in the job's Gallery. You can then choose one of the following ways to being uploading:

DRAG & DROP - If you choose to drag and drop your photos, you can upload a combination of individual files and batches contained in folders.

ADD PHOTOS - If you choose the Add Photos option, you will need to select "Upload Images" to bring in individual photos - OR - "Upload Folders" when you'd like to bring in folders that contain photos.

The upload status will show in a window in the lower lefthand corner. You can continue to do other things in your Studio Panel while your photos upload in the background.

If for some reason your upload gets interrupted by something, perhaps a broken internet connection, PhotoDay will save the upload progress until that point.


  • Photos should be in a JPG/JPEG file format and no greater than 15MB per photo.

  • There is no need to zip your files before uploading.

  • There is a maximum 31 character limitation on file names.

  • If you attempt to upload a file with special characters like“< > : ” \ / ? | * ~“ we will strip them out, but still accept the file.

  • If a photo is in one folder or multiple folders, the folder name(s) will automatically become that photo’s tag(s). Learn more about tags

  • If a photo has Lightroom keywords, the keywords will also become that photo’s tags.

  • Photo color space is sRGB for optimal printing color. ProPhoto RGB is not recommended.

As always, if you have any questions, we're here for you! Just click the little blue bubble and say hello.

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