How do I upload photos?

Everything you need to know about successfully uploading photos on PhotoDay

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When your job is set up, picture day is over, and your post-processing is completed…it’s time to upload your photos! This article will walk you through uploading photos and file requirements.

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How to Upload Photos

Open the job to which you wish to upload photos. Navigate to the Photos tab.

You will be presented with the option to either upload individual photos or import a folder of photos. Click on either option, which will allow you to select which photos or folders you wish to upload from your computer.

Alternatively, you can drag and drop photos and folders directly onto the upload screen to begin the upload process.

In the lower left-hand corner of the screen, you can watch the status of your upload.

While your photos are uploading, feel free to leave this page and do other things in your Studio Panel. If your upload is interrupted by something (such as a bad internet connection) PhotoDay will save the upload progress up until the point of interruption.

File Requirements and Suggestions

  • Files must be in a JPG/JPEG or PNG file format.

  • Files must be in sRGB color space.

  • File size must be between 30K and 15MB.

  • Files must be 8000px or less in either height or width.

  • File names can have a maximum of 31 characters before the file extension.

  • File bit depth must be 8-Bit.

If a photo does not meet the ^ above ^ requirements, it will be skipped during upload.

  • If you attempt to upload a file with special characters (like < > : ” \ / ? | * ~) the characters will be stripped from the file name, but the file will still be uploaded.

  • There is no need to zip your files before uploading.

  • If a photo is in one or multiple folders, the folder name(s) will automatically become that photo’s tag(s). Learn more about tags.

  • If a photo has Lightroom keywords, the keyword(s) will also become that photo’s tag(s).

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