How do I implement Bulk Shipping?

A step-by-step guide for setting up a private gallery for Bulk Shipping

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While most PhotoDay orders default to shipping directly to the customer, sometimes an Organization might request all customer orders be shipped to a singular address for later distribution to customers - for example, a school wanting to distribute school photo orders to their students. We call this Bulk Shipping. At this time, Bulk Shipping is only available with Miller's for private galleries.

1. Create a Price Sheet

PhotoDay offers the option of determining the manner of shipping available to your customers purchasing while creating a price sheet.

Drop Shipping is the default manner in which PhotoDay orders are delivered - that is, each order is shipped directly to the customer once fulfilled by the lab.

Bulk Shipping will have the customer's order shipped to a common location for other orders in your job. For example, if one of your Organizations is a school requesting a gallery of class photos to be shipped to their location to be manually handed to children and parents, this would be the option to select. When you later set up a job using this price sheet, if you have Bulk Shipping selected, you will be able to specify a Processing Date by which you would like all orders to be shipped to the Organization.

Bulk or Drop Shipping combines the previous two options. If a customer places an order after the Processing Date for bulk shipping, the shipping method defaults back to Drop.

Please note that some labs do not currently support Bulk Shipping. If the lab with which you are associating this price sheet does not offer bulk shipping (or if the job you are trying to attach this price sheet to is not a private gallery), this drop down menu will be greyed out.

2. Create a Job and Attach Your Price Sheet

Once you have created a job, you will be able to attach your price sheet as normal.

3. Enter Your Bulk Shipping Information

To determine the bulk shipping address, navigate to the Shipping section. From here, you will be able to view the lab shipping rates for the price sheet you've attached to your job under the Drop Shipping tab.

To edit the information associated with bulk shipping, navigate to the Bulk Shipping tab.

Under this tab, you will be able to specify a Deadline Date, which denotes the last date orders can be placed to be shipped together to one location.

Under Delivery Information, you can select your price sheet's Organization from the drop-down menu, which will auto-populate the address form data. You can select 'Other' from the menu as well if the delivery address differs from your default Organization data. (i.e. Your studio’s address)

Finally, under Delivery Note, you can include any information you wish to display to the customer in their shopping cart before checkout. This may include pickup instructions from the Organization, relevant dates, or any number of things you may wish to communicate about this bulk order, and will appear to the customer during the checkout process.

Once everything is in order, click the Save button. Your job is now set up to automatically bulk ship your customers' orders to your Organization's preferred address!

You can view all the details about your processed bulk shipments, as well as a list of all the orders that were included in each bulk shipment! Additionally, you can see all of their associated sales information, status, and tracking information. Just navigate to the Shipping tab that appears in a Private Gallery Job when you have bulk shipping enabled!

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