Best practices for custom logos

Tips for using custom job & organization logos

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Organization logos will appear at the top of your Organization page if you have this feature enabled.

Custom job logos appear as the Gallery icon for Group & Public Galleries (& Private Galleries until subject images are uploaded). They are a great way to personalize a gallery while helping to differentiate between jobs in your customers' gallery lists if they have purchased from multiple galleries.

You'll need to make sure your logo is of optimal quality. The file should be a PNG file that's at least 600px x 600px, in sRGB colorspace, and meets our terms & conditions.

When the "use logo on themes" toggle is on, the job logo may appear on Memory Mates with some labs. You can find this toggle by going to Job > Settings > Job Details:

If you're using Reedy as your lab or custom themes with WHCC or Richmond Pro Lab, it will be printed onto the custom theme memory mates if this toggle is on. You can review the complete list of items here.

Here is an example of how it may look during the live preview portion of checkout:

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