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Can I upload a custom logo for my job?
Can I upload a custom logo for my job?

Uploading special logos for your jobs

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Custom job logos can be a great way to not only give your gallery some personality but also help differentiate jobs in your customers' gallery lists if they have purchased from multiple galleries. When creating a new job, you will be presented with the option to upload a logo.

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You can upload a job logo at any time by going to Job > Settings > Job Details:

When the "use logo on themes" toggle is on, the job logo may appear on Memory Mates with some labs. If you're using Reedy as your lab or custom themes with WHCC or Richmond Pro Lab, it will be printed onto the custom theme memory mates if this toggle is on. Read more about best practices for custom job logos.

Logos should be relatively square in dimension, as the image will be cropped within a circle when displayed, and must be a PNG image file that is under 15MB in size. The logo will then display within the gallery list for your customers visiting and within each gallery header.

Logos can also appear on promotional flyers created for Public and Group galleries. You can toggle whether your job logo is displayed via the Design tab during flyer creation. Please note that flyers for Private galleries will not display your job logo, and will instead show the Featured Photo from each subject on their respective flyer.

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