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What is Subject Data and how do I get it?
What is Subject Data and how do I get it?

Using subject data with PhotoDay Capture

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Subject Data is the term PhotoDay uses to refer to the collection of personal data that is used to assist in matching reference photos with individuals within the PhotoDay Capture app and private galleries.

This usually takes the form of a CSV file containing basic information such as the individual’s first and last name, as well as other possible identifiers including basic contact information, school name, organization name, grade level, school ID, or teacher's name. This is usually put together by the school or organization for whom you are taking photos, and may need to be specifically requested by you. Check out our CSV Best Practices article that includes sample CSV downloads.

Once you have your CSV data, click the "View/Edit" icon on the left Subjects panel of your gallery. 

Then, simply drag and drop your data into the upload panel. PhotoDay will then automatically upload and sort this data, creating a list of people associated with this gallery.

Once you have confirmed the way this data has been mapped, you will then see it in a master data list.

You can always return to and further edit this list at any point by again clicking on the "View/Edit" icon in your gallery. Also, this list will be reflected as named sub-galleries on the left side of your currently empty gallery. 

The names of each subject will also appear in the PhotoDay Capture app for the job. On or before picture day, you and your staff will use the PhotoDay Capture app to capture a reference photo for each person. That reference photo will then appear with the folder in your Studio Panel.

If a CSV cannot be provided, you can also manually enter data via both your studio panel and the PhotoDay Capture App itself. If you need to edit any data, you can do so by simply clicking on the person’s name either in the Studio Panel gallery or within the PhotoDay Capture app which will sync to the Studio Panel.

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