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Why do I need to use a lab with PhotoDay?
Why do I need to use a lab with PhotoDay?

Choose a PhotoDay lab partner to fulfill your orders

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Our amazing lab partners are the reason your customers get the prints and products they order! When your customer places an order, the lab prepares, fulfills, and ships it.

While you’re required to select a lab when you sign up for PhotoDay, you can add as many of our lab partners to your account as you’d like at any point.

At this time, PhotoDay does not support self-fulfillment. We’re confident you will love our trusted lab partners and their quality products as much as we do!

When you choose a lab, you not only are utilizing their quality printing services, but you are also gaining access to each one’s extensive product catalog. These range from standard prints, all the way to custom items like greeting cards, statuettes, and even Christmas ornaments!

Additionally, each PhotoDay lab partner offers different themes and collections of graphics for customizable products. When you add a lab to your account, that lab's themes are automatically made available, as well! Learn more about templates and themes for graphic products in PhotoDay.

If you need help choosing a lab, feel free to reach out to our Customer Success team by clicking the orange chat bubble in the bottom right corner of your screen.

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