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Credit usage and refund policy for PhotoDay Credits

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What are PhotoDay Credits?

PhotoDay (PD) Credits can be used for Post-Processing Services (Knockouts and Color Correction) within PhotoDay. Studios can purchase PD Credits from right within their studio panel by going to Settings > My Studio > Wallet. Wallet is where studios can see their credit activity, view their remaining credit balance, and buy more credits.

What can I purchase with Credits?

Any of PhotoDay’s services—Knockouts and Color Correction.

Do I have to publish my jobs on PhotoDay to use Credits and Services?

Nope! Studios are welcome to create a free PhotoDay account and use our services without publishing any galleries.

How much do PhotoDay Credits cost?

PhotoDay Credits cost $0.10 per credit (Updated 2/24/23. Previously cost $0.35 per credit). Knockouts cost 2 credits per image. Color Corrections cost 1 credit per image.

Is there a minimum purchase amount?

When purchasing PhotoDay Credits, studios must purchase a minimum of 5 credits.

Refund Policy

  • Credits are non-transferable

  • Credits are non-refundable

  • Credits last for one year from purchase.

  • Credits do not auto-renew. Just buy more when you need them.

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