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How does Auto-Cropping work in PhotoDay?
How does Auto-Cropping work in PhotoDay?

Export images with consistent head sizing with the auto-crop feature

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Looking to export images for yearbooks and service items? Want to achieve consistent head sizing? Enter: the auto-crop feature.

What is it?

Auto-crop is a service offered by PhotoDay to help streamline your export workflow (e.g. exports for service items and yearbook files). It uses AI (artificial intelligence) to recognize a face in a photo, then crops the image so that all head sizes are the same.

How do I use it?

It’s only available in Private Galleries and—more specifically—for Exports. You can learn more about exports and auto-crop in this article.

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What are the limitations?

Auto-crop works best on full-frame images, where the subject is either a headshot or ¾ length pose. If you plan on using auto-crop, it is best not to crop your images prior to uploading to PhotoDay.

Why would I use this feature?

This feature has been designed with school photographers in mind. From ID cards to Admin files to Yearbook files—consistent cropping is key to keep all images uniform.

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