One of the more helpful features associated with private galleries and its subject data is the ability to export your gallery and its data in a variety of formats. These options can be found in two places. Firstly, on the left navigation under "Services" in your job:

And then in your main Subjects Data section by accessing the "View/Edit" option:

There are five different types of exports:

Yearbook (PSPA) - This will export your subject data (.txt) file, along with the resized primary photo associated with each subject into a formatted PSPA archive.

School Admin Software (SPOA) - This will export a data (.txt) file with photos of each selected subject for your organization to import into their management software.

Subject Data - This will export your subject data as a standard CSV file that can be imported into any spreadsheet software.

Service Item - This will export your subject data (CSV file), along with a primary photo associated with each subject. You can select from a list of crop templates or customize the crop.

Compositing Data - This will export a pre-formatted data-only CSV file that works with common automated compositing workflows. It includes subject data with a separate row for each matched image.

Ready to create your first export file? Here's an article to get you started

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