How can I customize my watermark?

A quick guide to all things watermark

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Your watermark is important - it keeps your brand visible while your customers browse your gallery, and prevents people from snagging one of your photos without making a purchase! That's why we've implemented a few ways to customize how your watermark appears on your gallery photos.

PhotoDay by default adds a watermark to your photos if you haven't already uploaded one yourself, seen here:

Our default watermark contains a colored gradient, an irregular pattern, and soft edges - making it difficult for AI to recognize and remove.

However, if you want to upload a custom watermark of your own, it's totally easy!

Research shows that colored gradients, irregular patterns, and blurred edges confuse and combat AI, so we recommend implementing these features when designing your custom watermark.

To upload your own watermark or make adjustments to the default one, just go to Settings > My Studio > Logo and Watermark.

Here you'll see your options for customizing your watermark.

You'll see our default watermark in the Upload panel automatically. If you want to replace it with one of your own, just select the Replace button.

Your new watermark must be in a PNG format, with a maximum dimension of 5000x5000pixels, and a maximum size of 2MB.

Once you've uploaded the logo, customizing it is as easy as 1, 2, 3...

  1. You can choose the placement of your watermark within your photos.

  2. Next, you can choose the opacity of your watermark (how transparent / opaque it appears) and the scale, or size, of your watermark on each image.

  3. You can then preview how your watermark will appear by clicking on the "Preview" button.

If you're satisfied with the results, go ahead and click "Save" - your changes will automatically be applied to all of your photos! And if ever you wish to return to our default watermark, simply select the Default button below the Replace button in the Upload panel.

Presto! That'll change it right back.

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