Good news! There are no upfront costs to use PhotoDay. Studios can set up an account without a credit card or any financial commitment.

Once you start selling through PhotoDay, we charge 10% of the retail sale amount, excluding sales tax and shipping. There is also an additional credit card processing fee paid to STRIPE for each transaction, which currently sits at 2.9% of a transaction, plus $0.30.

What does the cost of an item include?

In the Studio Panel Price Sheet, "Cost" includes the lab wholesale price for the specific product or package plus the PhotoDay fee*.

Cost Breakdown Example

*The PhotoDay fee is 10% of the Lab Price and the Studio Markup, excluding sales tax and shipping. This fee covers the costs of PhotoDay services including unlimited image hosting, FaceFind™, PhotoPay™, ConText™, PhotoDay CRM, and the native PhotoDay mobile app.

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