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PhotoDay's extraction service is called Knockouts and is one of our Post-Processing Services. Through the power of AI, PhotoDay can remove almost any background (Chroma or Non-Chroma) from any image. Since Knockouts take only minutes to process, your workflow is about to be even more streamlined!

This article can be used as a pre-flight checklist and is meant to ensure successful Knockouts. Keep reading for some frequently asked questions and recommendations regarding Knockouts.

Ready to get started? Head to this section for step-by-step instructions.

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How does it work?

Knockouts in PhotoDay are quick and easy! Here’s how it works:

  • Create a Post-Processing job in PhotoDay.

    • Just go to Job > Services > Post-Processing

    • Select the services you’d like: Knockouts, Color Correction, or both.

    • Upload your photos.

  • Purchase PhotoDay Credits to pay for the services.

  • Receive an email when the job is done processing—which is usually in minutes.

  • You can download the edited images, move them to the corresponding PhotoDay job—or both!

Note: Because you can download the images directly to your computer, you don’t have to sell your photos on PhotoDay to use this service.

Ready to get started? Head to this section for step-by-step instructions.

What types of Knockouts does PhotoDay offer?

PhotoDay's Knockouts service uses artificial intelligence to remove any background from any image.

Knockouts work best when there is good contrast between the background and foreground and there is enough depth of field that the entire foreground/subject is fully in focus and not blurred. Jump to the recommended settings and setup section of this article for more suggestions.

PLEASE NOTE: Additional editing services may be required if uploaded images are…

  • Blurry

  • Underexposed

  • Overexposed

  • Contain a color spill from the background onto the subject (affecting skin, hair, etc.)

  • Have props that could possibly interfere with the subject

  • Have materials that could possibly interfere with the background (including semi-transparent, sheer, or mesh materials)

Jump to the examples section of this article to see before/after photos.

How much do they cost and how do I purchase them?

Knockouts can be purchased with PhotoDay Credits. Knockouts cost 2 credits per image.

Additional FAQ

How long does it take?

Knockouts process quickly—like before you finish your coffee fast! Thanks to AI, Knockouts can be completed any time of day and on any day of the week.

Can I use Knockouts for group or team photos?
Yes! However, results may vary when there is more than one subject, so we cannot guarantee satisfaction when processing group photos.

Can I download my PNGs?

Yes! Once your Knockouts are completed, you will have the option to download them.

What if I don't like the Knockouts?

If you have any questions or concerns about your Knockouts, please reach out to us at Please be sure to read the restrictions above. We suggest trying a small sample Knockouts job to test how it works on your images.

How will I know when my Knockouts are complete?

You will receive an email from (to your studio account email address) letting you know your Knockouts are ready with a link to view them. Be sure to check your spam!

Do I have to publish my jobs on PhotoDay to use the Knockouts service?

Nope! Studios are welcome to create a free PhotoDay account and use our Knockouts services without publishing any galleries.

Can I submit more than 1 Knockouts job within the same PhotoDay job/gallery?

Absolutely! If you need another round of Knockouts for the same job, just go to the PhotoDay Job > Services > and create a new Post-Processing job.

Can I upload images to my job, then submit them for Knockouts without re-uploading them in the Services section?

No, you will need to follow these steps to submit images for Knockouts.

How do I use Knockouts with PhotoDay’s Backgrounds feature?

To use the Knockouts feature with our Backgrounds feature, you’ll just need to ensure you have Backgrounds set up for the same job. Check out Getting Started with PhotoDay’s Backgrounds Feature for more information.

Which labs have Backgrounds?

At this time, Backgrounds are available with Richmond Pro Lab, Reedy Photo, White House Custom Color (WHCC), and Miller's Professional Imaging. Keep an eye on our Landmark Features article for more updates.


How to submit a Knockouts job

After you've created a job, navigate to the Services section:

Select “Add your first post-processing job here”

This opens a window where you can select which Post-Processing services you wish to use. In this case, select Knockouts, toggle on or off Green Spill Correction, and then click “Create.”

This will bring you to the Post-Processing timeline, where you can now upload which photos you’d like to knockout.

Upload your photos as either a group of files or a folder of images.
* Please see the Restrictions section below for more details.

After you’ve uploaded your photos, you’ll be required to review them—just to make sure everything you want is in there.

After you’ve reviewed it, click “Submit"

Then "Agree and Submit"

…your photos will be automatically knocked out in a matter of minutes. You’ll receive an email when it’s done!

After Knockouts are complete, you’ll be able to either download your photos or move them directly to your job where you can publish them in the gallery.

Recommendations: Settings & Setup

There are many ways to set up lighting, backdrop, sets, etc. and you most likely already have your own process. Check out the resources below for recommended setups.

To use PhotoDay Knockouts, there are two key factors:

  1. Good contrast between the background and foreground.

  2. Deep enough depth of field so that the entire foreground/subject is fully in focus and not blurred. To ensure sufficient depth of field an aperture of f8.0 is recommended.

There is a resolution limit of 27 million pixels (length x width) with a longest side of 6400 pixels.

Examples based on popular aspect ratios:

  • 4x6 or 2x3 - 6300x4200

  • 5x7 or 3.5x5 - 6145x4390

  • 8x10 or 4x5 - 5800x4640

  • 1x1 - 5150x5150

Recommended Settings

  • Aperture: F8 (Depth of field)

  • Shutter Speed: 1/125 minimum (Avoid camera shake)

  • ISO: 200 (or lowest camera setting)

  • Use low image file compression in camera (RAW or JPEG Fine)

  • Avoid strong sharpening when editing

  • Set white balance manually in camera (not auto WB) to ensure consistency

  • Images must be in sRGB color space

  • When possible, use a hairlight to create separation between the subject and background.

Additional Chroma Key Tips

  • Backdrop should be underexposed compared to the subject. (min. 1.5 stops, 2 stops preferred). Increase distance between subject and background.

  • Avoid edits that oversaturate colors

  • Use one seamless backdrop

  • Avoid using props the same color as the backdrop

  • If using props the same color as the backdrop, hold the props in front of the subject, not against the backdrop

  • If you are not shooting full-body, avoid unnecessary color spill onto your subject by standing them on the floor and not the green/blue screen

    Example Chroma Key Setup:

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