What is Retouching?

All about retouching and how to add it to your price sheets

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Retouching is an add-on feature that magically softens and smooths skin, removes acne blemishes, and evens skin tone without affecting permanent scars, freckles, etc.

Studios can add Retouching to any price sheet, and it will show up during the customer checkout process. Retouching can be purchased per image; if you're selling multiple poses and images, customers will have the chance to order Retouching for 1 or more images once added to their cart.

What does Retouching do?

  • Softens and smooths skin

  • Removes acne and blemishes

  • Will not remove permanent features like scars, freckles, birthmarks, etc.

  • Will not retouch body skin, only faces and necks

  • Will not affect glass glare, teeth, hair, stains, or smudges on faces

Before & After Examples:

What types of images will it work on?

  • Headshots

  • ¾ Length

  • Full Length

  • Creative Lighting

  • High Contrast

  • Composited Images

  • Team or group photos

Cost and Suggested Markup:

  • Retouching costs studios $2.25 per image + 10% PD fee + normal card processing fees.

  • Depending on your area and markup, retouching can sell anywhere from $7-$10 per image.

  • Any discounts or offers apply to an order’s subtotal, which includes retouching.

How long does Retouching take?

It’s lightning fast! If a customer ordered digital download products, the retouching will be applied before their download link is sent to them. If a customer ordered print products, the retouching will be applied before their order is printed and shipped.

What if a customer doesn’t like their Retouching?

If your customer has any concerns or questions about their retouched image(s), they can reach out directly to your studio to find a solution. Feel free to contact us with details, so we may assist if possible!

What about Exports?

If a customer purchases Retouching for an image, that image will be updated in PD. So if you create an export including that particular image, it will export as a Retouched version.

Ready to add it to your price sheets? Take the tour:

Or follow these steps:

Go to Store > Price Sheets > and open one of your price sheets > Select Photo Add-ons:

Click the Toggle so it turns green:

You’re all set! All price sheet changes are immediately live.

Here's how it looks to the customer:

In the product customizer

In the shopping cart

In the shopping cart

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