Retouching is an add-on feature that magically softens skin, slightly reduces red-eye, acne, unwanted blemishes, and more. Studios can add Retouching to any price sheet, and it will show up during the customer checkout process. Retouching can be purchased per image; if you're selling multiple poses and images, customers will have the chance to order Retouching for 1 or more images once added to their cart.

What does Retouching do?

  • Skin soften

  • Acne/Blemish removal

  • Redness reduction

  • Slight eye bag lighten/removal

  • Fly away hair removal (for photos with simple backgrounds only)

  • Permanent things like scars, freckles, birthmarks, etc. will not be removed

  • Only the face and neck (no “body” retouching)

  • Glass glare (very slight, minimal change)

Before & After Examples:

What types of images will it work on?

  • Headshots

  • ¾ Length

  • Full Length

  • Creative Lighting

  • High Contrast

  • Composited Images

  • Team or group photos

Cost and Suggested Markup:

  • Retouching costs studios $2.25 per image + 10% PD fee + normal card processing fees.

  • Depending on your area and markup, retouching can sell anywhere from $7-$10 per image.

  • Any discounts or offers apply to an order’s subtotal, which includes retouching.

How long does Retouching take?

It’s lightning fast! If a customer ordered digital download products, the retouching will be applied before their download link is sent to them. If a customer ordered print products, the retouching will be applied before their order is printed and shipped.

What if a customer doesn’t like their Retouching?

If your customer has any concerns or questions about their retouched image(s), they can reach out directly to your studio to find a solution. Feel free to contact us with details, so we may assist if possible!

What about Exports?

If a customer purchases Retouching for an image, that image will be updated in PD. So if you create an export including that particular image, it will export as a Retouched version.

Ready to add it to your price sheets? Take the tour:

Or follow these steps:

Go to Store > Price Sheets > and open one of your price sheets > Select Photo Add-ons:

Click the Toggle so it turns green:

You’re all set! All price sheet changes are immediately live.

Here's how it looks to the customer:

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