PhotoDay’s extraction feature is called Knockouts. Studios can create a job, upload their photos, submit them for knockout, then move the knocked-out images to the corresponding gallery. Studios can also move the original images to the gallery and download the knocked-out PNG images.

For more information about how Knockouts work, please read Best Practices for Knockouts. This article contains step-by-step instructions to get started!

What types of knockouts does PhotoDay Offer?

At this time, PhotoDay’s Knockout feature can remove backgrounds from images with the following requirements:

  • Green or blue background. (If backgrounds are mixed, please submit 1 job for green backgrounds and 1 job for blue backgrounds)

  • Headshots, ¾ length or full-body where all body parts are on the backdrop.

  • Backdrops must be free from wrinkles.

  • Only 1-2 subjects per image.

  • Backdrops cannot be lit.

  • No shadows should be present behind the subject.

For more frequently asked questions and best practices, please read Best Practices for Knockouts

How to submit a Knockouts job

First, you’ll need to create a job. After creating a Job, go to Services > Knockouts. Read the welcome message and follow the instructions by clicking on the orange bubble icon on the bottom right of your screen:

Once you've been in touch with and approved by Support, your Knockouts section will look like this:

Click to create your first knockout job. Name your Knockout Job:

Click Learn under Getting Started:

Be sure to click on all three articles to read all about PhotoDay Credits, Getting Started, and Best Practices:

Next, click Upload under Upload Photos:

Here you can upload your images:

Please note that any keywords or folders will become tags (for group/public galleries) when/if the images are moved to your gallery after the Knockouts job is completed. Learn more about tags.

Once your images have been uploaded, click Review under Review Uploaded Photos:

Once you're done reviewing, Click Done:

Next, Click Submit under Submit Knockouts Job:

A window with your total cost and our terms will appear. Click Agree & Submit when you're ready:

If you need to add more credits, this window will pop up for you to reload your wallet:

You can always check your credits balance by going to Settings > My Studio > Wallet:

Once you've submitted your Knockouts job, the status will update to Processing:

Knockouts can take up to 2 business days once reviewed & approved (if necessary). More FAQ and Details here. Once completed, you will receive an email from (to your studio account email address) letting you know your Knockouts are ready with a link to view them. Be sure to check your spam!

Once you've received the email, click View:

You'll be taken to your Studio Panel > Job where you can open the Knockouts Job. Notice the Status now says Knockout Complete:

Here you can review the knocked out images:

If you'd like to download the PNG files to your computer, click the Download Photos button. When it's ready to download, the job's status will be updated to Download Ready:

Next choose where on your computer to save your folder:

If you'd like to move the images to your Job's gallery, click Move to Gallery:

You can choose to move only the knocked out PNG images to the gallery, or the knocked out PNG images as well as the original images.

Once you click Move, the images will populate in the Photos section of your Job:

This example is showing a Private Gallery without any Subject Data previously uploaded.

In this scenario, the images will be in Unmatched, All, and Knocked Out:

For more details, FAQ, and best practices, please read Best Practices for Knockouts.

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