Important disclaimer — when using this workflow, all subjects will automatically be checked in.

There are many scenarios where you may want to update the subject data in an existing private gallery. Maybe the school sent you new information like email addresses or teacher names. Perhaps you have a number of new students to add. Whatever the circumstances, you can easily append data to an existing private gallery by uploading an updated CSV file.

It’s important to note: when re-uploading a CSV file into your job, make sure the main qualifiers (student ID, first name, last name) have not been adjusted.

Another reason you may want to append data is if you already have reference photos for each subject. This could come in handy if you have access to or took last year’s yearbook photos, if you didn’t use the Capture App, or if you’re having trouble syncing, you can grab the Capture photos right from your device’s camera roll.

For this example, let’s assume you photographed a school in the fall and want to use the same reference photos for spring photos.

Here’s how to do that:

  1. Prepare the CSV for the job.

  2. Gather the yearbook photos you're going to use as reference photos.

  3. Create a new column in the CSV titled “Image Name.” Then add the reference photo's filename to each subject accordingly. The image name must match the actual image name exactly, and it is case-sensitive. Alternatively, if you already have this data export from another software, you can simply import and map all fields accordingly.

  4. Create this year's job in PhotoDay.

  5. Upload the CSV, then upload the reference photos to the job, and it will populate and match everyone accordingly!

  6. Then (if desired) you can delete the uploaded reference photos from the actual gallery and move on with your workflow like normal.

See in action here. Want to dive into all of the ins and outs of Private Galleries? Check out the webinar.

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