Background Size Limits

Optimize your customer’s experience by making sure your backgrounds are sized correctly for PhotoDay

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Offering backgrounds with PhotoDay is both fun and versatile, but you’ll want to make sure to optimize your backgrounds prior to uploading to PhotoDay. This will keep your customer experience fast and easy.

Whether you’ve created your own backgrounds or purchased them from a template creator, keep in mind that there may be metadata attached to the files even when you save them as a JPG. This metadata can add substantial and unnecessary megabytes, causing a slow-to-load experience for customers. Since PhotoDay is completely mobile, customers may be shopping on low wifi or cell signal. Removing any extra file info is key to preventing customer frustration when using this feature.

You have a few options for removing metadata from your images and backgrounds depending on which editing software you use to create backgrounds.

You can also use third-party software like or prior to uploading to PhotoDay.

For more tips about creating optimal backgrounds for PhotoDay, check out this article.

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