Capture will not sync.

How to manually add reference photos in the case Capture does not sync.

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There are a few scenarios when PhotoDay Capture may have issues syncing. This could be because your device was connected to a secure network or cell signal at the location that prevented sync from happening. It could also happen because the same login was used on multiple devices.

To prevent this issue from happening, first, ensure you are always using the latest version of PhotoDay Capture prior to departing for your event. Do not attempt to use cellular signal or public/guest wifi in places that may have security systems active. Instead, use your devices offline, and you can sync when you return to home base.

If you run into the scenario where a device will not finish syncing, the first step is to copy the reference photos from the device to your workstation, where you plan to upload the final professional images. Once you do this, you'll notice the files from the device's camera roll are renamed as the person's name where they were captured.

Next, you'll open the job, and go to Photos > People and review the People Data.

Then, click the gear icon for the first person to manually add the reference photo.

Finally, upload the reference photo that was copied from your Capture device that matches the person's name. Repeat for each person.

If you've already uploaded your professional photos to the gallery, the images will start to match and no further action is needed.

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