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5 things you need to know when using PhotoDay Capture App

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1. Always make sure you have the latest version of the PhotoDay Capture App installed before heading to your location. If your device is not set to auto-update, you will need to manually update the app to the latest version from your phone's app store.

Please note: If you delete the app from your device, all local data will be lost and syncing will be disabled for all galleries. If you're going to delete the app from your device, make sure all of your reference images/data have successfully synced to the studio panel first.

2. If you are utilizing multiple photographers during your photoshoot, each user will need their own login credentials to use on their devices. You can invite other photographers through your Studio Home under Settings > My Studio > Users. This article walks you through it.

3. Be sure to launch the PhotoDay Capture App on every device you will use from your own wi-fi connection to load your newly created galleries before leaving for a photo session. But don't worry if you forget to do this! As you'll see in #4....

4. If you're using PhotoDay Capture at a school, many have implemented limited wifi networks with security software and cell signal blockers. If you're unsure about your connection and your location's security protocols, just work offline!

5. When you're back at your home base, you can sync everything there afterward. 😁

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