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When is the best time to publish a gallery?
When is the best time to publish a gallery?

Publishing best practices

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PhotoDay never sleeps, but unfortunately, your customers do. For that reason, we have some general recommendations regarding when to publish your new galleries in order to maximize your sales - and to not potentially annoy your opt-ins.

When you first publish your gallery, or when you schedule your gallery to be published, a text message is sent to your opt-ins letting them know their photos are now available for purchase. The timing of this can be crucial when it comes to your customers viewing your photos. Below are our general best practice guidelines for publishing your galleries.

• Avoid publishing late at night. Not only will the notification text be likely missed, late night texts might annoy your customers.

• Studios should keep in mind the habits of their customers. Generally, if you are busy, then your customers might be as well. Publishing your galleries before noon on weekdays will help grab their attention before they fall too deep into their work day.

• Try to publish during times where you will be available to support any customer needs. If you are in your office on Mondays, then publish on Mondays.

As you can see, it's all about making yourself and your photos visible at the right moment, and being able to be there for your customers. We also recommend publishing during regular PhotoDay business hours, just in case you have an emergency, and need our help. We'll be there for you!

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